SWC´s adhesives –

Thermosetting one part adhesive

for high resistance to long-term stress


SWC mainly manufactures thermosetting one part adhesives that are based on phenolic resins but no products for the common household.

After processing SWC adhesives have an excellent resistance to mechanical, chemical, and thermal stress. Therefore our clients, especially in the automotive industry and the field of mechanical engineering appreciate the high quality and long life span of our products that are able to resist high stress and high temperatures. In these fields of application SWC adhesives are mostly used for bonding of brake and clutch linings.

In principle bonding offers some great advantages compared to the riveting of linings: At least 90 % of the linings can be worn down without rivet heads thereby damaging the brake drum or brake disk. Due to missing rivet holes the usable surface of the lining increases by about 10 to 15 %. Even more important is the gain in safety: On bonding the brake linings together with the corresponding metal carrier both parts are holohedral joint to each other, whereas rivetting allows just punctual fixing. Thermal shocks as well as signs of fatigue will be better absorbed by the bonding technique.

Brake linings belong to the most important safety components in the automotive industry and some other applications. Premium quality and reliability play a decisive role. The efficient mode of operation and the advantages of the bonding technique result in a continuous increase of the consumption of adhesives. At the same time more and more novel applications are found. Generally our Supraplast adhesives can be applied to the total field of applications for brake linings including automotive industry, elevators, escalators, wind turbines but moreover for metal to metal bonding.

SWC is not only well known for the premium quality of its adhesives but also for its flexible and reliable shipping arrangements.

Contact us – we look forward to hearing about your requirements. Together we can work on a solution, either with our standard adhesives or with newly developed adhesives that meet your specific expectations and needs. A detailed discussion sometimes is more successful than extensive data sheets. We prefer talking directly to our customers and finding out what is important to them.

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