SWC´s Moulding Compounds –

Premium quality, environmentally-friendly,

versatile in its application


Today´s industry is in need of construction materials that do not rust and they should be extremely durable, user defined ductile and heat-resistant. Moreover fire-resistant, waterproof and resistant to aggressive materials: An all-in-one device suitable for every purpose. Not to mention limited weight.

These requirements can be achieved by thermosetting moulding compounds which can be deformed under heat and pressure and are simultaneously cured into a thermostable unsolvable condition.

Süd-West-Chemie manufactures moulding compounds based on phenolic and melamine resins, 75 % of them being sold to the electrical industry.

Thermoset mouldings are preferably used in electrical components which have to meet rigorously high requirements.

Due to their outstanding adhesion to copper our moulding compounds are widely used in the manufacturing of commutators for electric motors.

They are used in various products such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, hair driers, drilling machines, fuel pumps, ABS – systems, just to mention a few.

The outstanding mechanical as well as thermomechanical properties of our products are highly appreciated by our clients. Moreover our willingness to manufacture customised products is highly valued. Overspeeds of up to 70.000 rpm @ 200 °C can be reached without any problems. It goes without saying that the requested extremely high true running accuracy is met. Thus it is ensured that the components even at excessive stress show sufficient security stock and reach a high life span.

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