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Thermosetting resins on the basis of phenol and melamine have a unique advantage compared to the more common known thermoplastics: They are by far more resistant to high temperatures and are therefore eminently suitable for all applications which demand especially this feature:

● Bonded and coated abrasives

● Brake and clutch linings

● Refractories

● Moulding compounds

Moreover phenolic resins have proved to be essential components in some other fields of application:

● Reinforcement and curing resins in the rubber industry

● Building blocks in epoxy resins

● Adhesives

● Raw material for paint resins

For more than 60 years SWC has been offering a wide range of both unmodified and modified powder resins and liquid resins which allow the manufacture of target oriented high-performance products.

Solid resins (flakes, powder with or without hardener) and liquid resins (water or solvent based) ensure that an optimal solution is found for even special applications.

A forward-looking approach to development, based on solid know-how as well as a close and loyal cooperation with our clients guarantee that our resins will be able to overcome even future challenges.

Our highly qualified and motivated staff members will be glad to assist you in choosing the appropriate resin systems. Tailor made developments offer the opportunity to find together the optimal solution for your problems – even if it should come out that it will be an unconventional solution. The only benchmark that matters is your success, as your success is our driving force. We are aware that raw materials have a significant impact on costs and we always keep this aspect in mind. Moreover, when developing new products we strive to keep the impact on the environment minimal. SWC is committed to the philosophy of Responsible Care® and Sustainable Development.

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